About Apocalypse Reader

I am a huge fan of apocalypse and dystopian lit, and I read a ton (countless staying-up-until-6am-reading nights!), but was having problems finding more “realistic” scenario apocalypse lit with so many mutant zombie novels taking over the entire genre in recent years.  While I do enjoy a good zombie read, it isn’t my primary love and was finding it harder and harder to find non-zombie-centric books.

I am betting many others are in my boat too, so I decided to create apocalypse reader to share my favorite books in the genre and review new ones.  I have probably read 100 books in this genre, so this will be a huge database of all apocalyptic fiction.

I also like knowing the premise of the SHTF (Sh!t Hits the Fan) – I am partial to EMP novels, mainly because it scares the crap out of me!  But all kinds of collapses, whether brought about by an EMP or solar flare, ecomomic chaos, or other technological failure such as hacking interest me.  Most novels are categorized into the “type” of disaster.

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