Book Review Request

Interested in having your book reviewed by Apocalypse Reader?  Please leave a comment below (we won’t publish it).

What to include:

  • Quick synopsis of the book
  • Amazon link
  • Excerpt / key quotes

What we need to know

  • What is the premise that causes the apocalypse / collapse / etc.
  • How long is the book (novel, novella, short story, anthology)
  • Is this part of a series?  If so, must they be read in order, or can someone pick up any book and not be lost?
  • If this is a series, how many books are released and how many are planned.  Bonus points for linking to a page that lists all the books IN ORDER.
  • Adult or Young Adult?

We accept review copies – please include either a download URL (we do not share this with anyone!) or an email we can contact for a review copy.  Do NOT send me a link to purchase a book (especially with your affiliate link!)… some authors think this is a great way to boost sales but it rubs me the wrong way.  However you will see sales from people reading reviews here!

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