Book Review – The Decay: A Post-Apocalyptical Tale of Survival by Roger Hayden

Book Review – The Decay: A Post-Apocalyptical Tale of Survival by Roger Hayden

What starts as a terrorist attack on Wall Street in New York City quickly turns into nuclear attacks on multiple cities throughout the US, which seem to be on the East Coast.

The story revolves around Paul, who seems to work for a shady character who owns a computer store, his step-daughter Samantha, and his wife who was away at a convention in Colorado at the time of the attack.  Paul is followed and attacked by people who seem intent on finding his boss.

Julie opened the door and jumped into the passenger’s seat.  She slammed it shut as if upset.  Paul prepared to apologize for his lateness, but Julie beat him to the punch.  His tardiness was the last thing on her mind.

“Turn on the radio, now,” she ordered.

Paul was taken by surprise.  “Huh? Why?”

Julie ignored him and turned the radio on herself.  She flipped through several channels to a reporter’s voice discussing a terrorist attack,

Paul pulled back onto the road, trying to pay attention to what the reporter was saying.

“Multiple casualties… massive injuries… the worst terrorist attack since September 11, 2001.”

“What happened?” he asked Julie.

“Terrorists blew up Wall Street,” Julie said.  “It just happened like thirty minutes ago.”

It also follows the storyline of Sacha, a Polish immigrant in New York City who seems to be key to the terrorist attacks or at the very least, knows something behind him.

I did feel the book covered on the nuclear attacks aspect of it too lightly.  No one seemed concerned about radiation poisoning despite seeing mushroom clouds – even the “bad guys” chasing Paul seemed unconcerned about it and didn’t abandon their “job” despite knowing it was a nuclear attack.  The author could have really benefited – as could have readers – from learning more about what people should do in a nuclear attack, rather than carrying on business as usual, as seemed to happen in this book.  True, maybe there isn’t much one can do, but some concern about it would have been good!

I did feel the illustrations added nothing to the book, if anything, they were a distraction.  However, the illustrator is only cited as a contributor to the first two books in the series.  There were also numerous typos and grammatical errors in the book, if that bothers you to read.

Since I read the first book, the author seems to have made the series available in a single book “The Decay Omnibus”.

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