Book Review – Collision Course by David Crawford

Book Review – Collision Course by David Crawford

This is it, he thought.  This is what he’d been planning for.

Premise: After “The Smash” collapses the economy, the novel covers two main storylines, one as the town drunk attempts to clean up and help his community, and another man who is trying to get to the “retreat” of his former survivalist group.

This was the highly anticipated book from the author of Lights Out.

This was a bit of a different read in that services didn’t break down as quickly as in other apocalypse scenario books.  Grocery stores were still getting food deliveries and other than lack of power, things didn’t quite seem as dire as one would otherwise imagine.

The book revolves around two storylines.  The first, DJ is a wannabe cop working as a security job who has been prepping for such a disaster for quite some time.  He has a planned retreat to go to when SHTF, and his story follows his attempt to get there.

While DJ seemed okay in the beginning, I don’t think I was even half way through the book when I started to hate him and realized this was probably one half of the collision course the author had planned.  He seemed to enjoy killing people – while some were truly life-and-death situations, in other cases it was merely to make his life a bit easier.  His mostly lack of remorse and how he treated those who helped him really grated on me – enough so that I really began hoping someone would kill him, a bit unusual for a main character in a novel.

When Gabe woke up to total darkness, he realized something wasn’t right.  Even if all the lights in the house were off, some illumination from the security light out front should have filtered through the window blinds.

The other story revolves around the life of Gabe, the local town drunk.  I do admit I found Gabe a little hard to like in the beginning, until you get to know what life handed him that led him down the path to alcoholism.  But I really enjoyed his story and his struggles – and eventual romance – playing out in the community that ones disdained him.  Although not a prepper per se, he was a gardener, and that seemed to be the one thing that kept him somewhat grounded over the years.

While there is a sense of community, it didn’t really delve as much into the role of community as other similar books – in fact, it seemed sort of like an afterthought of “well, I guess we better see how we can get this group defending their property so that I can set up the final scene.”

And what a final scene it was.  While I was glad to see one of the characters get his comeuppance, the ending left me disappointed after investing my time into the characters.

While Lights Out, David Crawford’s other post-apocalyptic novel is a favorite of many, Collision Course unfortunately isn’t as good.  However, if you are stuck for something to read one day, might be worth reading it.

Book Review – One Second After by William R. Forstchen

Book Review – One Second After by William R. Forstchen

“Look, John, something’s up. Got a problem here. I gotta—”

The phone went dead.

At that same instant, the ceiling fan began to slowly wind down, the stereo in Jennifer’s room shut down, and looking over to his side alcove office he saw the computer screen saver disappear, the green light of the on button on the nineteen-inch monitor disappearing. There was a chirping beep, the signal that the home security and fire alarm system was off-line; then that went silent as well.


Silence on the other end. John snapped the phone shut.

Damn, power failure.

The Premise: An E.M.P. attack on the United States leaves this family trying to adjust to life without electricity when faced with medical conditions, lack of food, raiders and survivability.

If you are looking into a book to dip your toes into about what happens when society breaks down, this is the book for you.  William R. Forstchen weaves a tale of your average suburban family leading your average family life when the power goes out, dumping this technologically savvy family back to the pre-electric lifestyle.  It is presented in such a realistic way that any person can read it and think wow, this could totally be me.

This book really gets you thinking, and is often the book that starts people on the road to starting to prep, whether it is ensuring you have extra canned goods in the cupboard to full on prepping.

It also deals with many real life situations that many of us would experience, such as family in a nursing home, medical conditions that require constant care and dealing with angsty teenagers who just want to get back on Facebook.

He didn’t say anything. There was a thought, but it was too disturbing to contemplate right now. He wanted to believe that it was just a weird combination of coincidences, a power failure that might be regional, and would ground most flights due to air traffic control. Maybe it was some sort of severe solar storm, potent enough to trigger a massive short circuit; a similar event had happened up in Canada several years ago.

A thought hit him.

The book also has an informative intro about what exactly an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) is and why it would be so devastating if one was unleashed in the country you live in.

This is also one of those books you should be prepared that you will stay up all night reading.  The first time I read it (yes, I have read this one multiple times!), I stayed up until 6am finishing it!  I literally couldn’t put it down.

I have recommended this to several friends, and it has had an impact on almost everyone.  And if you are a prepper and trying to get your friends and family on board with getting themselves prepared (so you don’t have to!), then this is the book to give them as a present to really make them think about what would happen if society collapsed around them, what they would do, and if they had the chance, how they would prepare.